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Poker Bonus Codes: the essential information

In we have done a sort of a crossover and we have decided to break the mold and deliver a guide for Poker Bonus Codes and promotions. We have gathered the best information around the web and also visited our favorite poker rooms to get you up to date on what bonuses they are offering. Keep in mind that all these bonuses promoted have different conditions, so be sure to read and understand them before investing any real money. This is the first rule or recommendation we are giving you because your online safety is what matters most. But let’s keep talking about poker.

What normally happens is that you get bonus money or bonuses by playing raked hands. A raked hand is one that is played with real money. Each hand you play will accumulate a pre-determined sum of money in your account. These poker bonuses only apply to your first deposit and some are exclusive to the visitors of certain referral websites, so be sure to be in the hunt for these types of promotions when surfing the internet. If you want to take advantage of them you must use the links inserted in the websites or enter the bonus codes that you will find in this link

We really recommend Bonus Code Poker because it is a site that always has the best offers and you can earn a lot of free money with the bonus and promotions that they offer. If you are diligent enough you’ll find freerolls, these are free real money tournaments. There are the classic tournaments with entry fees and money added to the pot, in which you can participate with the money you got from bonus codes.

Now that we are talking about playing in poker tables, we have to say that first deposit bonuses are a perfect way to get something extra while you get some experience and start winning against real opponents, its money that can give you some extra leverage when placing a bet. Not only do you make money with your cards, but you also have a secondary income in the form of a first deposit bonus, and we think that it is great. This why it is so important to get your bonus poker codes, they really give you an edge.  

There are other types of poker bonuses that we can use to our advantage, online casinos offer reload bonuses, they are promoted by various poker sites as incentives to their returning members who play for real money. These are aimed to poker players who are depositing more cash to an empty account and players who want to add some more money to their existing accounts.

The way reload bonuses work are a mirror of welcome deposit bonuses. Gamblers get the promised bonus through the amount of raked hands. If you are going to play these hands anyway, you will be throwing money away if you do not take advantage of reload poker bonuses. The most common offer for recharge bonuses are around 30-50% of the total deposit, with a maximum of one hundred. You will need to play 5-10 hands for every dollar of bonus you are going to receive.

Now let’s answer some of the most common questions regarding online poker bonuses. One of the recurrent is about how online poker bonuses work. Well, most of these bonuses are progressive, and this means that you receive them in a separate balance and they a released gradually as you play for real money or in tournaments. To qualify for a bonus the only thing you need to do is sign up really, all the deposits that you make to your account come with some type of bonus, that is true for poker sites, no all games enter in this bonanza.

You can also win some extra cash by referring a friend to the online casino. This is appropriate if you really liked the casino and its promotions, this way you can pass on a good review and win some money in the process, we really like these types of ideas. And just like we said before, all sites offer welcome bonuses, these types of promotions are the basic and most important marketing tool that online casinos have for attracting new customers. We don’t say this as a bad thing, it’s really good, but the advice we have to give you is to look for the really good welcome bonuses, because all of the casinos offer them, but not all are good offers, some just give you a few extra cents, so be sure to find the good ones.

Also remember the first piece of advice we gave you: read and understand the conditions of the bonus or promotion, this way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises when playing poker online.

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